Gravity (Gotta Fly)

by The Vibrant Sound

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released January 21, 2013




The Vibrant Sound Provo, Utah

The Vibrant Sound is a movement of ingenuity. Combining eclectic styles from Los Angeles to New York, this trio has captured a sound that defies boundaries on all sides. Based on the songwriting slash lyrical delivery of leadman McKay Stevens, the Vibrant Sound came together to create music for ghettoblasters to speak through and people to connect to. ... more

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Track Name: The Vibrant Sound (Prod. by Wild Children) - Gravity (Gotta Fly)
Lyrics by McKay Stevens


Gravity has got a hold on me and I’m looking for something to set me free

There is a force that can hold me down
It ain’t never gonna hold me back
So I Sat on top of the world for a minute
When it hinted I could find a crack
I said a make way in the atmosphere
cause the rocketeer is here
and its clear to me that I can finally see
how I’m ever gonna conquer fear (gonna disappear)
I gotta take flight in the island sun
And be a shining one like the stars
I could blast off past all the molecules
Till I find the life on mars
If its faith you need or a tiny spark (there) you can find your hope in me
Cause life is living on a cliff in the dark in the middle of an open sea
So everybody on the count of 3 come on jump with me

You know I gotta Fly X 4

Verse 2
There is a place that I like to go
Far above in the azure sky
Where most of the things in this world don’t matter
Never let life pass you by by
see you’ve got to sieze the day
your Per diem is carpe
I took a trip on a train that showed me how
paradise is right this way yeah
so I saw whats above the clouds
found a place I could levitate then…
Took an elevator to the top floor
Stopped at the water of a golden gates now…
It’s my time to fly away
And defy all the laws of the galaxy
This time I’m finally free
From the grasp of gravity

You know I’m gonna fly
Gravity You’ve got no hold on me